Acqua di Toscana San Felice

Pure Class

A genuine source of well-being, natural treatment for body and spirit

Nestled among the Apennines in the Abetone mountains, immersed in a pristine forest with beds of ancient ferns, there is a spring from which flows pure, light water which, before coming to the surface, has flowed through a complex underground network of streams in the sandstone rock that typifies this MOUNTAIN area.

Pure Water

Our pure San Felice water flows from a land that’s steeped in history and rich in beauty – Tuscany. Passing through an intricate maze of underground streams, the water absorbs mineral salts, and its properties make it unique in the world.
As a container for this fine San Felice water, we have chosen the bordelaise bottle – elegance and beauty to optimally preserve this gem from the Tuscan region.

Sustainability, respect for nature, class and taste.



Via Guastini, Loc San Felice
51100 – Pistoia


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