We are a simple and successful European commercial bank, with a fully integrated CIB, and a unique network in Western and Central-Eastern Europe that we make available to our large clientele.

One4wine and easy pack.

Solutions dedicated to companies in the sector, designed to offer concrete support for growth and internationalisation. A complete point of reference, from plant innovation projects, the purchase of machinery to production and refinement in the cellar, to sales.

Wine is one of the most renowned excellences of Made in Italy. It is one of the most important sectors in Italy, capable of improving year after year, making the continuous search for quality its distinctive feature. Supporting this growth trend is a priority for UniCredit, which, thanks to the solid skills it has developed alongside entrepreneurs in the wine sector, is an expert and reliable partner able to respond to every need throughout the production chain.
needs along the entire production chain.

One4wine the range of solutions designed to offer concrete support for the growth and internationalisation of every company in the chain, and UniCredit Easy Pack, the e-commerce offer to create a B2C online sales platform quickly and easily or to open up to foreign markets thanks to the development of B2B e-commerce.

Fundamental solutions to increase financial stability and solidity to support investments for growth in the medium to long term.

A concrete example is the recent basket bond dedicated specifically to the wine sector. This is an alternative finance instrument dedicated entirely to the sector to facilitate access to credit and support investments. UniCredit, which has been Europe’s leader in bond issues since 2012, is the ideal partner to implement this type of advanced solution for clients, being able to leverage its expertise and execution capacity thanks to a Corporate & Investment Banking division that is fully integrated with Commercial Banking.

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