Forno Bonomi

“We are surrounded by nature, which gives us energy and inspiration. The mountain water and clean air enhance our ingredients to the fullest, creating the perfect union.”

A bakery ‒ like bakeries used to be, producing only bread ‒ but adapted to modern technology.

The history of Forno Bonomi dates back to 1850, when the Bonomi family started their business as a small bakery shop, making bread for the people living in the mountains of Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. In the following years, Umberto Bonomi, along with his sons Dario, Renato and Fausto, widened the production to pastries, starting the production of ladyfingers, amaretti, puff pastry and of the traditional butter biscuits.


Today Forno Bonomi stretches over 95,000 squared metres and has five production lines entirely automatic, from the mixing of the ingredients to the packing of the products.
Nevertheless Forno Bonomi is now exporting its product to 80 countries worldwide and employs over 170 people, the company is still based in Roverè Veronese, at 940 metres above sea level, surrounded by the green and on the edge of the Lessinia Natural Park, close to the same places and traditions that made of Forno Bonomi the biggest world producer of ladyfingers.

Our history began over 150 years ago among these same peaks. The unique panorama of Lessinia, a geographical area between Verona, Trento and Venice, is part of us and our products.



Loc. Vazzi, 7 – 37028
Roverè Veronese (VR)


+39 0456509300