“The most exciting challenge for those who work in the oenology world is to guarantee over time, quality, excellence and innovation.”

innovation, know-how and proximity.

Today, Enartis is an international network of people that has made the relationship with the protagonists of the wine market the key to its success and that of its customers. The direct presence in the main wine countries of the five continents widens the vision of what happens in the market and allows real-time transfer of information and knowledge available to Enartis customers.


Founded in 2003, Enartis is today an international network of people who have made the relationship with the protagonists of the wine market the key to its success. Present in the main wine-producing countries of the world, the company has introduced more than 300 products and specialties to the market, including yeasts, tannins, enzymes, fermentation activators, bacteria, stabilizers, clarifiers, and products for aging that Enartis continues to improve thanks to in-house research and development laboratories and close collaboration with university centers. and many international wineries.

We provide wineries worldwide with innovation and expertise, through enological products and technical support to improve both winery efficiencies and wine quality. Innovation, know-how and proximity. Check out Enartis values in our new video corporate.




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