Cedea spring is located in the heart of the Dolomites, at the feet of Queen Marmolada, the top peak of these magic mountains. The enchanted kingdom of the legendary king Laurin and his garden of roses.

Cedea, the taste of the Dolomites.

Both Cedea bottles and Cedea taste earned some of the most significant awards worldwide: “Red Dot” and 2019/2021/2022 Best mineral natural and sparkling water in the world by Zenith Global.

Purity, energy, poetry, this is Cedea the Dolomites’ Mineral Water. Cedea company is involved in taking care of its territory: the harvesting process and the whole production are of the highest sustainability. There is no need of human interven?on to drink Cedea: Cedea is NATURE, Cedea is LIFE, Cedea is QUALITY. It is simply the most natural taste of the magic spectacular Dolomites Mountains.




Streda de Costa, 288
38032 – Canazei (TN)


+39 0462931010