Bonamini extra virgin olive oil embodies the traditional heritage of a family that has been producing “green gold” for more than 50 years.


The Bonamini EVOO is the story of a family that preserves the processing techniques of the past combined with current technologies and it’s able to express the heritage of tradition of a family which has been in the business for more than fifty years. All the challenges faced was always aimed at improving, but without ever compromising the excellent quality of their product.


The olive oil making process of Frantoio Bonamini is deeply rooted in the Illasi Valley, the highest part of the Veronese hills, which is the motherland of olive varieties like Grignano and Favarol. These specials are deeply cared and loved by Giancarlo and his wife Sabrina, the owners of the renowed Frantoio. Giancarlo spent his whole childhood right here, on these lands and on the family proprieties, everyday falling in love with what was around him. That’s how his passion for olive oil was born and with it even the constant research of the true Italian excellence.

The quality of the made in Italy, a passion for their territory and for its local traditions, an openness to the world and their hospitality make Frantoio Bonamini one of the symbolic examples of the unity between history and evolution. Driven by a rooted love story for the product and their territory, Giancarlo and Sabrina Bonamini run the historical olive-mill with great know how. The historical olive mill claims more than fifty years of challenges and today reaches a production of 270.000 bottles a year, distributed in Italy and abroad following known retail channels, from telemarketing and buying directly from a sales point, to the channel at the GDO, providing quality and service with genuine and controlled products.

The production of the P.D.O. and Organic oils and the exclusive Santa Giustina and San Felice oils, like the related products such as the flavoured oils, the vegetables pickled in oil and the cosmetic line are all found on the hills facing the Illasi valley, one of the most important districts at the national level with regards to the production of oil. It is a young and dynamic establishment with a strong gumption for experimentation and constant research on a path which smells of bygone days and maintains a respectful bond to traditions and the local environment. A philosophy which has made this brand one of the most known and prized in the oil market and in the world and that continues to be the strong point of this family.

Discover the whole process that hides behind the final Frantoio Bonamini branded bottle that you can find on the Italian national shelves and around the world.



Loc. S. Giustina, 9A
Illasi – Verona – Italy


+39 0456520558