Amedei Toscana

Since 1990, Amedei has been the chocolate company that has won the largest number of awards in the world, conquering the most demanding palates and narrating the goodness and beauty of Tuscany.

Cioccolato Assoluto

Amedei is the pioneer in the world of excellent Italian Chocolate, through culture, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and Tuscan genius. It tells the culture of cocoa and chocolate by promoting a rewarding, responsible tasting aimed at enhancing consumer experience, thanks to short-recipe products born from an intense search for goodness and beauty.

Amedei Tuscany, excellence in the world of chocolate.
In the old foundry located in La Rotta (Pontedera, PI, Italy), now home to the Amedei factory, dozens of jute bags containing precious cocoa beans arrive from all over the world every year. Under the close supervision of Cecilia Tessieri, the first female maitre chocolatier, these cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate after going through the necessary steps.



Via San Gervasio, 29
Loc. La Rotta – 56025 Pontedera


+39 0587484849